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Welcome to No Limits Tenerife

Tenerife – the island of superlatives!!!

Experience adventure Tenerife style with a wide range of action guaranteed fun sports!

If you want a unique and diverse adventure holiday in Tenerife south benefitting from professional and knowledgeable local guides for demanding MTB Enduro/Freeride tours and sportive Adventure Hiking tours  then you’re in the right place. Get that adrenalin pumping through your veins with our tour program.

With its scenic diversity, Tenerife offers many a contrasting terrain for bikers. Dreamlike Freeride – opportunities in the different scenic regions of the island can compete with anywhere and provide plenty of variety and adrenaline. Tenerife single trails are as diverse as the island itself; volcanic trails through black ash lava, endlessly long and challenging runs through pine forests, biking “fun and flow” in the favorite stomping ground of the local bike scene and the Enduro bikers can get the adrenaline pumping on the “caminos reales” of the natives from Tenerife! Rock with us the best downhill tracks of the south to the sea!  On no other island can you comfortably travel by bus to 2000 metres to reach the publicly unknown trails.

The “Island of Eternal Spring” can rightly be described as a mini continent and offers all year-round optimal conditions for a varied, active and enjoyable fun vacation experience.


Pure adrenaline on Tenerife Trails!!!

The assorted tracks and hiking trails in Tenerife’s mountain areas guarantee diversity and excitement on all tours. During winter, where else in Europe can you revel in 2000 meters high snowy mountains and then enjoy a swim in the Atlantic Ocean on the same day?

Away from the tourist track learn about Tenerife’s fauna and flora, country, culture and people.

Individuality is important to us and we are happy to consider requests that cannot be met by other providers. You decide on the activities and we will help to  tailor your individual action vacation!

Take a look at our activities, decide how you want to spend your vacation and we will personally answer any queries you may have.

Biking on Tenerife

Ride faster, Relax more!

MTB tours by bikers, for bikers! An interesting route is just as important as helpful tips and tricks on bike control and technique. In small groups up to max. 7 participants, safety is emphasized, through many years of guiding experience and intuition.

Our tours in this area are technically demanding with interweaving and partly overgrown trails with a steep alpine-like appearance. It is essential that for all tours the riders be in good basic physical condition and have great bike control to guarantee the maximum fun and optimum safety.

Our tours range from dynamic and challenging Enduro rides, action-packed Downhill and Freeride adventures, sport bike weeks for ambitious racers and hill climbers, technical training and training camp supervision for organised groups. Thanks to the organised shuttle drivers, more than 3000 meters downhill per day is usual. So in winter, an interesting week of downhill is available as a training camp (especially for licenced riders).

Easier routes for first timers and tour bikers can be catered for on request and only in closed groups.

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If you are bringing your own bike (which is recommended for a biking holiday) we ask you to be aware of the technical condition of your bike.  Disc brakes with large discs are advantageous on long descends and thick puncture resistant tyres reduce the risk of annoying breakdowns due to the sharp edged volcanic rocks.

On request tour bikes from Scott Genius 740 including helmets are available .

Day tours include collection from the south of the island and with a maximum transfer time of an hour we will reach different start points. Afterwards we usually stop in a Canarian pub to refresh ourselves with a cold drink or a “barraquito” before heading back to the hotel and even having time for a dip in the Atlantic. Protecting padding and (full face) helmet is obligatory and self-explanatory!  Due to the increased risk of danger on the mountain single trails you should have a good international health insurance which covers such sports activities. The organizer and bike guides cannot accept any liability!

Essentials to bring:

Biking clothes and helmet
Knee and elbow pads
Wind/rain jacket
Gloves and goggles
Closed sturdy shoes: in case you bring SPD shoes, bring the pedal too
Rucksack with provisions and water
Travel/health insurance


1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

Tour without Bike






Tour with Bike







Registration should be done in good time by email or telephone so that if necessary a tour bike with the correct height and/or helmet can be prearranged. Program and tour changes, due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, are at the discretion of the guides and organisers. Participation is at your own risk. Due to the variety of our tours, send us a query with your interests and bike knowledge and we will send you a choice of tours suitable for you.

3 of our favourite tours:

Colorado Mountains

Our favorite tour as “warm up” and getting to know. Even the locals like to start their downhills from the starting point at 2000m altitude down to the sea in the sunny south of Tenerife. In the first sections we improve our cornering skills on wide, partly eroded slopes, where you have to make the right “choice of line”. Now strengthened and focused after a picnic break it comes to 3 long and challenging singletrails like “Pipeline”, “Rockgarden” and “Eagle Pass” down to the beach of Las Americas. In total 300m uphill and 2300m downhill and 2-3 hours riding time.

Hard Rock´n´Roll on "caminos reales"

Biking on the historic pilgrim trails of the canarian natives. The so – called “caminos reales” consist of natural paving stones, natural stone walls, rough passages on solid rock plateaus and loose volcanic gravel and offer a lot of variety with technically difficult challenges. Riding pleasure and flow you will get on a northshore line with a wooden whip. Trails like “El Guanche”, “El Roque”, “Sentinel” and “Te Quiero” or “Aldea Blanca” will be tiring our arms and using the suspension of the bikes. In total 400m uphill and 1800m downhill. From the starting point at 1600m we cycle down to the picturesque bay of Costa del Silencio into a “Chiringuito” to enjoy the best Mojito of the island and to swim in the atlantic.

„Izaña“ Epic Ride

“Epic” long descent from the solar observatory on 2330m to the south. The unique scenery of the Teide National Park does the rest. From the highest possible starting point for a bike tour on Tenerife we leave the Teide behind us and cycle down to the sea. More than 2600 metre downhill and only 400 metre uphill. An Enduro tour with “carrying passage” through a “barranco” and varied landscape. Demanding dirt roads and the technical “Gamblertrail” are challenging our endurance and concentration. Then we ride on “Desierto” – Trails to a beach bar in surfers paradise El Medano.

Hiking on Tenerife

Adventure Hiking on the most beautiful routes of Tenerife

For years more and more hikers have enjoyed the varied mountainous scenery of the Canary islands.  The different altitudes of vegetation and climate make the diverse flora and fauna unique in the world, with over 670 endemic species. On adventurous tracks off the beaten path you have enough time to discover the beautiful views and learn about this distinctive wildlife.

Ideal for hiking, is the Anaga Mountains in the northeast and the Teno Mountains in the northwest, where there are numerous and beautiful trails waiting to be explored by you. You will never be bored with the secluded mountain villages and old goat trails, miles of water channels with ancient “Galerias” , steep mountains, deep and impassable “Barrancos” (ravines), volcanoes and basalt peaks, the so-called “Roques” , as well as humid, evergreen and fragrant forests.

We show you routes that no one else offers, because our focus is on challenging, adventurous and energetic hiking.

Excellent fitness condition and experience is essential to enjoy the most beautiful and interesting routes safely as you hike along dizzying cliffs, through dark tunnels and twisting water ways.

Easier hikes are available on request and in closed groups.


The hiking terrain is similar to that of the biking tours, which in the Canaries is very alpine-like, ie rocky and mountainous. With a good basic physical condition, sure-footedness on uneven ground and a head for heights these tours are available for everyone and are classed as medium to difficult. Due to the increased risk of danger in the mountains you should have a good international health insurance which covers such sports activities. The organizer and bike guides cannot accept any liability!

Essentials to bring:

Ankle-high hiking boots
Hiking poles if needed
Wind/rain jacket (plus fleece jacket, hat and gloves in the winter!)
Backpack with provisions and water
Travel/health insurance


1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

Hiking tour







Registration should be done in good time by email or telephone or can be reserved when in Tenerife. Program and tour changes, due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, are at the discretion of the guides and organisers. Participation is at your own risk. Due to the variety of our tours, send us a query with your interests and we will send you a choice of treks suitable for you.

Three of our favorite hikes:

Sombrero de Chasna

Impressive hike onto the top of the mountain from Vilaflor to warm up and acclimatise. At the start point at 2000m above the clouds the air is already significantly thinner and short rock climbs on the plateau of the “sun hat” will put sportsmanship and fitness to the first sample. As a reward enjoying grand views over the entire south of Tenerife during a picnic and after that the best view of the “Pico del Teide”, which the locals affectionately call “Papa Teide”, at 2500m altitude along the crater rim. Only 3-4 hours of walking at 7km and 500hm uphill and downhill.

Ventanas de Guimar

For Adventurer and “cavers”! On this long journey through many dark tunnels, water flooded “Galerias” (water galleries) and narrow water channels you will definitely not be bored. Headlamps and flashlights facilitate narrow tunnel crossings along steep rock walls. Due to the low ceiling height some narrow tunnels must be bent and passed with helmet, but numerous breakthroughs outside give light and oxygen and beautiful views. A unique experience for the adventurous.

Playa Tamadite

Exhausting hike for strong nerves hikers in the impressive and bizarre Anaga Mountains. A demanding tour from Roque Taborno, the “Matterhorn of Tenerife”, to the lonely Playa Tamadite. Surefootedness and head for heights are essential for a dizzying descend on rock cliffs and an old, steep uphill path of shepards. Thrills and excitement are guaranteed. You are rewarded with fantastic views, which can be an unforgettable experience on this contrasty hike. At least 4 hours of walking at 11km and good 1000m uphill and downhill.

Funsport with No Limits Tenerife

On land, on water and in the air

Not got you excited yet?  This is where all the action happens, guaranteed!  Tenerife’s diversity combined with the multitude of fun sports on offer ensure that boredom never gets a look in!


A unique biodiversity and water temperatures of 18-24 degrees Celsius all year round makes the underwater world a fascinating one. In addition to the whales and dolphins, which you see on the boat trips, you can discovery turtles, rays, seahorses etc. Experienced divers can sign up and our local guide will show you the best spots on the island.



Waves, wind and sea in the middle of the Atlantic attract many surf pros from around the world. Surfing, windsurfing, kite boarding and SUP, everything is possible with the well-equipped surf stations on site providing the best gear in the best locations.



Even climbing in Tenerife is recommended 365 days a year. The climate and the varied mountain scenery attract more and more climbers to these volcanic islands. Tenerife has adventurous routes around Mount Teide and in plentiful lush ravines with much to offer beginners and advanced climbers alike. Fascinating basalt columns and walls and volcanic rocks, are traversed by many climbing trails and routes with different levels of difficulty letting every climber’s heart beat that little bit faster!  An established climbing school with local guides will show you the best spots on the island.



Explore the depths of secluded ravines in the most adventurous way. Far from the beaten paths you follow the guide through the watercourses of the most spectacular gorges in Tenerife. There is much on offer from easy abseiling tours for the beginner and the curious, to real canyoning adventures for the more experienced with wet suit, helmet, harness and hiking boots. There’s plenty of water and wet fun for all especially after heavy winter rain. Experience Tenerife from a side you’ve never seen before!



Fly like a bird and enjoy Tenerife from a different perspective. The assorted blue shades of the sea, the “Corona Forestal”, the pine forest circling the island interior, and the countless ravines with their kaleidoscope of volcanic rocks can best be discovered from the air. Throughout the year paragliders from all over the world come to the Canaries to benefit from almost perfect conditions. We show you the best spots and recommend local guides to advise you on optimum weather and wind conditions. Tandem flights with experienced guides mean that newcomers can also get in on the action for that experience of a lifetime.



Imagine your ideal action holiday and tailor your unforgettable and individual adventure!


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Mountain-Mike: Bike guide and mechanic. Since 2004 in the Canary Islands as a bike guide and the specialist for demanding Enduro – Freeride tours. Familiar with the local bike scene, he knows the best trails of the island. Biking is his passion and on local downhill and enduro races, he also privately gives full throttle. Good empathy and many years of experience provide safety and gives you the confidence to master the challenging routes with him. In single – or multi-day seminars and on the tours he gives helpful tips on the bike control and has successfully helped many to improve their riding technique.

Bettina: Gofer, guinea pig, office girl and the good soul of the team of No Limits. As a tester for new trails and jumps, photo rider, office administrator, and as a shuttle driver and Backup Guide she has proven herself repeatedly. In private as well as in professional life she continues to encourages girls to go mountain biking and do downhill races. She loves to experience the magnificent mountain landscape of Tenerife on MTB Enduro tours, in addition to hiking, SUP and exhausting herself doing CrossFit. She has been living in the south of Tenerife since 2015 and loves the versatile and athletic activities in the all year pleasant climate.

Javi: Hiking guide with many years of experience for sportive adventure hikes. The Spaniard with Bavarian influence, persuaded by his wit and charm. No one knows better than he the local culture and cuisine of the Canary Islands. Our expert for unusual and breathtaking routes. Sporty walking pace and summit climbs are his passion. Explore Tenerife close and intense off the well-known routes. Your pulse will beat guaranteed higher with him on tour.

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